Mastering the art of Content Writing

In this age of globalization where diversity is the foundation of our society, communication holds the key. It unlocks doors and forges new paths. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively includes identifying the needs of one’s audience and moulding content to suit their preferences and understanding. This point of view was reinforced by the workshop on content writing organised by MASH PROJECT.

It was a time of interaction and training that equipped the participants with modern-day skills and hacks and left them with a deep sense of satisfaction. It was conducted by Yamini Maggo. The session started with a fun-filled activity that helped the members in overcoming the fears generally associated with communication and emphasised the significance of listening skills. It helped in building teamwork and lifted team spirit.

Years of experience of the speaker crammed into two hours of learning was always going to be intense, but full participation by the CEO Aashish Beergi and senior members helped make the sessions interactive and fruitful. Content writing is a multi-faceted concept and one that requires being well-read. The importance of reading for developing great content was also stressed upon.

The participants were then given the opportunity of getting their queries answered by the speaker. She cleared doubts relating not only to the presentation but also handed down tips and tricks for attracting people and capturing the audience’s attention.

By the time the curtains were drawn on the workshop, all the members were well-versed with the secrets of mastering the art of content writing, including guidelines on audience and format, composition and style, and structure.



– Shambhavi Tiwari
Communication Coordinator



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