Happiness is when MASH Rendezvous arrives after so long and that too on Christmas Eve  i.e. 24th December. Our feet were too vulnerable to catch the cold as it was one of those wintry Saturday mornings when the cold wind pierces through your body making the jaw tremor and hands numb. It took enough for all of us to gather courage to come out of the warm blankets on the weekend to meet our friends. Whereas in this blog post I intend to give you great many reasons to attend the next MASH Rendezvous and while slowly reaching the end I want you to feel envious of missing this one.

The day started with a walk led by an expert, Rupali. She was proudly representing an initiative called Explore.Excavate.Enjoy. The aim of the initiative is to create as much awareness as they can about the Indian heritage. Every step of the heritage walk was a reminder of our poor knowledge of the history of Delhi. The walk was indeed an exploration into the Indian Cultural heritage. From Mohammad Sayed Shah Tomb to Sheesh Gumbad, from identifying males’ grave, Kalam to females’ grave, Takhti, we learnt a lot of things which we’ll remember about these historical monuments situated in Lodhi Garden.

The soothing walk was led by few group selfies, and we directly dived enthusiastically to some team building activities filled with high spirits and cheerfulness.

Followed by an activity with two experts, Rajesh and Hano from Pravah. They led a session which was not faced without much difficulty in completing. The activity fastened 17 people into a chain, and made people sit over the other members’ shoulders. This session ended with positive impacts over our minds and taught us the lessons of coordination, leadership, proper communication and the importance of the whole team being on the same page.
This was just the first half (picture abhi baki hai mere dost!)! Afterward, we all had lunch together. The meal included noodles and a little less spicy chilly potato.

Later on, we played a  game called ‘Name the team member’. This game made all of us to sit, talk, laugh, comment together and we all got to understand each other a better. This helped the team members to build a strong connection with each other and help develop a bond between all of us.

Since it was a double-dhamaal rendezvous (Founders Day + Christmas Eve), so, double celebrations were mandatory. It gets doubled when you “EARN a Bournville” as said by our captain cool a.k.a Beergi Baba!
Following the tradition, the Rendezvous got completed after a Bournville Team Selfie.
We had a successful ending to the year-end rendezvous.

But hey, the climax is still missing. Get ready for the reveal!


PITTHU GARAM! Reliving the childhood days all again, missing out on every legit rule, we played Pitthu, Beergi baba with his team on the one side and remaining ones on the other side. The scoreboard was 3-0 and mind you, it’s our cool captain’s team who got 0 points, but a game has to be FAIR so keeping this in mind, the other team ‘gave them few chances’ to make the score equal which resulted in a tie as usual.

In conclusion, the Rendezvous was a mix of fun, frolic and learning alongside.

— Shobha Arora
Head | HR

Rendezvous is a monthly team retreat where MASH team members are engaged in fun & learning activities to build a closer bond among themselves.


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