Celebrating the spirit of Tradition, Culture and Fun this Diwali at MASH Project

Diwali is just diyas, flickering lights, some sweets, gifts, etc etc. Right?
And if you aren’t really concerned about the environment. Then some crackers to delight you.
But, not at MASH, mind you.

Diwali came with a bag full of surprises.
A slew of promotions and something grand. Tadaa! Changelooms. Diwali blessings in the guise of changelooms fellowship, by the juggernaut of the youth development space i.e. Pravah.


30th October, 2016
Flowers strung together, were hung on the main door.
MASH written with petals just before the doorway to welcome everyone.
The ‘dal makhani’ of sweets i.e. Soan Papdi to please the Gods.
We started off.
Ditching the traditional aarti recitation, we called on YouTube to be our Aarti guide. And obviously, doing justice to our vision of being a tech based social venture.
Yes, your vision has to align with every damn thing you do
SocEnt Swag, I tell you.
With YouTube as our pseudo-pandit. We took turns at holding the diwali thali and joined in midway for a chorus.
Aditya and I, clearly had a lot to learn.
Our holy-quotient was quite evidently, dismally low.
Clockwise or anticlockwise? Kis direction mein ghumaana hai thali ko?

And then it was time to fill our bellies with some food. Mr. Boss left the place to get pizza. Apparently, Domino’s was giving buy one get one free.
Grabbing the opportunity we let ourselves loose.
Slow motion videos with happy diwali cheers (video) and everyone jigged to old Hindi numbers, with the office literally shaking.
Swirling and swerving in random fashion, we surely didn’t dance.

That was insane and stupid at the same time. Going viral on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all at the same time.


Pizza was here and we just gaped at Aashish and laughed for what he had missed. 2 pizzas and 12 slices. Right?
Among 8 people, I managed to have three. And I smiled smugly when everyone accused Aditya, the usual suspect when it comes to having more than your fair share.

As for diwali gifts, we gave Paperboat free promotions.
Yeah! Paperboat gift packages to everyone. Clicked and shared on MASH’s page. A B2B gift to Paperboat. πŸ˜›
And chocolates to Mr. Boss, to top it all off.

Skylanterns were next. Scribbling all about changelooms on the sky lanterns we let the sky lanterns take to the sky.
Captured in slow motion, we jumped in unison. Joy pervaded the very atmosphere around us.

A diwali to remember and cherish.
MASH! Above and Beyond! πŸ˜€

Written By
Swastic Yaduvanshi
Director | MASH Project


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