MASH Project marks its 3 years!

As we complete 3 years of our journey, I would heartily congratulate all those affiliated to MASH Project. I get nostalgic about the time when me and Kartik started MASH Project, we couldn’t have imagined that we would experience such excitement in last few months of this impactful journey. We look at MASH Project not just as a workspace or an experiment but, rather as an integral part of most of our lives. We feel it, breathe it and live it in every moment (quite literally). Just as special it is for the parents and family to witness their child grow from an infant to a fully developed individual, matured enough to take on the world. I have seen MASH with the same vision in these 3 years. MASH Project had a wonderful journey in its ‘toddler years’ and we believe it’s now ready to take on the world and create a global eco-system for young social changemakers.

As this new journey starts, I am happy to share the values that will define the course of this journey in times to come. We believe that values are the pillars of any working organisation and they are extremely important to set a strong foundation.
Five Values of MASH Project are:
1. Learning 
2. Leadership
3. Inclusiveness
4. Fun
5. Excellence

When put together, becomes ‘LiFE’.
So, everything we do from now on will be full of LiFE in it! 🙂

Sharing few accomplishments we’ve had during the last year.

The last year saw us expanding our operations and building MASH Family into 6 cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We held multiple events in each of our Hubs and are en route our journey to create an ecosystem of young change makers.

The next year will see us expanding our territories beyond, reaching out to new cities and training our Hub members while going deep and strengthening ourselves in each of the Hubs.


MASH Mixer
What started an year back from the capital city has now reached 6 cities across India. With themes around Sanitation, Startup India – Standup India, Crowdfunding and Gender & Sexuality among others, we pulled off the 25th Mixer during The Joy of Giving Week on the 8th of October.

A milestone in our journey of connecting young people to communities and facilitating the process of positive social change. It has been no less than a roller coaster ride.
On this merry occasion we would like to thank all our patrons and experts who have helped us grow and have kept us inspired in our pursuit of catering to young change-makers.

Brace yourselves for some awesome stuff on the Mixers front.
MASH is 25 Mixers old!

MASH Makers
By gauging the need in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem of capacity building, we launched MASH Makers with an aim to provide a platform for experiential learning. The first workshop was on Public Narrative for which we collaborated with Haiyya: Organise for Action, a non-profit organisation.

We catered to young change-makers from various colleges and professionals. The response from the attendees has been encouraging and fulfilling.

Next thing is to take these Makers to all Hubs, The way from here is only Up and Up!


Nexus provides a bridge between social enterprises who face various challenges with their projects and the community of experts, mentors and service providers which help them to overcome those challenges.

Few among many areas where we support social entrepreneurs are:
  • Technology-based solutions – Mobile & Web
  • Communication solutions – Online & Offline
  • Social media & design (UI/UX) solutions
  • Legal support
  • Fundraising – Crowdfunding, Donation proposal, CSR and Impact Investments
  • Project design, Community building and Impact assessment

Few of our Nexus project in the last year includes:

  • HELP App – Centre for Social Equity & Inclusion
  • Instagram Workshop – Nine is Mine
  • Website – Lighting Lamp Foundation



Social Impact Partnerships
SIPs involves collaboration with events and organizations that cater to the greater good of the society. We at MASH believe in a holistic developmental ecosystem for the young and the restless. And we do our part in the same, by supporting various organizations in their events, workshops, seminars etc.

MASH has been a proud partner with over 100+ events with a host of events ranging from the Angel Summit to the August Fest to the MegaCities ShortDocs International Competition to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

We believe in a youth centric approach to change and have been supporting events like the Under 25 Summit, the Global Youth Leadership Conference to multiple collegiate events in SRCC, LSR, JMC and various major colleges of Delhi.


Launchpad is a recently launched platform that facilitates college students and young professionals to intern and volunteer for different cause based social organizations through virtual as well as on-ground channels. The programme focuses on enabling young people with the tools of experience, exposure and expertise to emerge as the changemakers and influencers for tomorrow.

Until now, we have over 600 student members from 5 colleges with 20 internships provided and 6 workshops conducted.

New Workplace
New initiatives call for a new and funky workplace and we got one cool space to operate from. The ultra cool ‘Porta-Cabin’ in New Moti Bagh which is arguably one of the cleanest and greenest colonies in India.
In a way meeting our very own imaginary sustainability goals.
As the team is growing, we shall move to bigger & better place soon!


Culture & Fun at MASH Project
Holi rendezvous to the confession activity or be it the not-so-Diwali Pooja, you name it. We have done it all. We bid farewell to some senior members this year acknowledging their contribution and commitment for MASH, with new faces taking up greater responsibilities.

And obviously MASH Camp was the major highlight of this year!

The second MASH Camp had magic, comedy, yoga and spiritual upliftment, poetry and what not. 2 days of madness with some brilliant facilitators. And an after party to top it off.

Our culture is what makes us.


Daan Utsav 2016
We were super excited to be a part of Daan Utsav this year. As part of ‘The Joy of Giving Week’ we conducted three activities. Ann Daan, Gyaan Daan and MASH Mixer on Daan Utsav.

Knowledge sharing, food giving and community interaction were the focus areas this Daan Utsav. And we pulled these off with great energy, getting appreciation from all stakeholders, partners and members.
Revamped website and Blog
New website was released recently with few things under test right now. We have added many new sections and looking forward to improve this with your valuable suggestions and feedback.

The blog also got a revamp so, if you haven’t given it a read to all the posts yet, check out all the latest happenings on MASH Project’s Blog!

Changelooms Fellowship
MASH Project proudly stands as a Changeloomer of 2016 batch. Changelooms is a year long fellowship programme by Pravah in collaboration with The Youth Collective, Oracle and GKS. This fellowship includes mentoring and a small seed funding for 11 youth-led organizations across India.

The journey has been instrumental for us in realizing our core values as an organization and mold ourselves towards a better trajectory of creating an impact.

Introducing MashKots
We are super excited to share the new identity of Social Changemakers of MASH, who will be now known as MashKots!

Inspired by the word Mascot, A MashKot is a community member of MASH Project which believes in building an eco-system for social entrepreneurs.

So, we are launching a competition for designing/suggesting the mascot that represent MashKot. You shall see the new face of MASH Messiahs very soon!

Overall, It has been a very exciting year at MASH Project and with next year coming up, we have set some great targets for ourselves in building a greater impact. Wishing you all the very best in this impactful journey!

Onwards & Upwards,
Aashish Beergi
Co-founder & CEO
MASH Project


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