[Press Release] MASH Project is selected to be a part of Changelooms Fellowship 2016-17 and receives a financial seed grant of 165K

MASH Project has been selected to be a part of the Changelooms Learning and Leadership Journey (CL-LLJ) which is a year long fellowship in collaboration with Pravah, Commutiny – The Youth Collective, ORACLE and Gravitie Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. The programme nurtures social enterprises and help them to scale and achieve their goals with a much larger clarity and create a wider impact and take its work with youth to a whole new level altogether.

This programme intervenes intensively with select passionate young people who are leading context specific change initiatives within communities, to provide them with support – financial as well as capacity building – to strengthen their knowledge, attitudes, values, skills and convictions that are necessary for a transformation of their lives and of larger society, and strengthen their interventions. During the journey process, CYC supports the group of young change-leaders to define/deepen their core values, gain self-awareness, sharpen their ideas, integrate win-win solutions and conflict-positive processes into their approaches, establish clear goals for taking their idea forward and implement their change ideas successfully.

After a rigorous selection procedure, 11 organisations have been selected to be part of this year’s programme. Aashish Beergi, Co-founder & CEO and Akshit Jain, Director are anchoring and co-anchoring respectively the programme on behalf of the organisation.

The programme is currently in its10th year and has supported many youth-led social enterprises which are creating sustainable social impact across different facets of the society.



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