There is no wealth like knowledge.

The GyaanDaan episode, was a part of the larger initiative “DaanUtsav” which comprised of AnnDaan, GyaanDaan and Mixer. It proved to be a successful campaign in terms of its reach. Organized on the last day of the Joy of giving week, that is, on 8th October in AWFIS. Specifically targeting the Enactus members from various colleges and CDF (Connecting Dream Foundation). Chiefly, the agenda was to resolve all the marketing related complications that these groups of young entrepreneurs might be facing. The idea was to make them look back at their projects, to reflect where they’re lacking and to improve it to win big.

Our lineup of speakers was another highlight of the gathering. Best in their fields and at the art of deliberation. They were successful in keeping the attendees held strong to their presence. Mr. Manu Singh, Chairman of Sarva Dharma Samvaad, was our first speaker. He took the inspirational story session which intended to motivate the audience and suggested them to “be happy, evolve and feel.” Apart from this he pointed out that -“the main problem in anyone’s life is to not have a problem.”
Mr. Deepak Goel, from KarmaCircles took the next session which widely contributed to increase knowledge about the principles of receiving gyaan. He spoke about how essential it is to show gratitude towards people who shares their knowledge with you. Also, he suggested that we must offer whatever possible, to those who help us in need. Following speaker, Mr. Jayesh Bhatia, founding Director of NRMC, talked about the initiatives of their organization, their reach to forbidden places like Jharkhand and Assam, the role of women and their economic upliftment, challenging cultural norms and breaking mindsets. Pointing out the need to do what we love, he stated -“we do what we please and we enjoy it.” We had with us another founding director of NRMC, Ms. Anjali Mohan. She largely discussed the tools of project designing, the theory of change, situation analysis and the need to know your destination. She puts out the key question during her session that each one of us must ask ourselves, “How far we’ve come?”. Also, she mentioned about the need to be empirical rather than normative while analyzing the success of your project. Moving on, Ms. Prarthana Gupta, the campaign manager of Bitgiving a Crowdfunding Platform, took the centre stage to talk about crowdfunding. Also the need to keep hold of all those people who believe in your project and analyzing the strength of each individual. Our last speaker for the Gyaan Daan, Ms. Saudamaini Pandey, the project coordinator of Pravah, had an interesting session filled with fun activities and short film screening. She emphasized the importance of looking at the situation from the point of view of the other individuals ignoring our selfish interests.

Daan Gyaan was a great success with the support of all the fellow MASHians, the Speakers and the attendees turning out in large numbers. We hope to keep organizing such events to help out spread the right knowledge right from the horse’s mouth.

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