Mash Mixer#25 – Daan Utsav

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin


On 8th October, MASH Project marked the end of Daan Utsav by bringing together and celebrating a community of enthusiastic people who are driven by the passion to find joy in giving – be it solving rural problems, funding social projects through CSR or reforming the lives of prisoners! The evening began with the ice-breaking activity with everyone introducing by bursting the balloon in hand. With some balloons which refused to cooperate, we witnessed some creative problem-solving!


After a quick welcome, MASH’s founder and CEO, Aashish, traced the journey of MASH from being a mobile app development venture to a social enterprise creating an enhanced ecosystem for social entrepreneurs. Within his brief, he also explained the various functional verticals under MASH Project. Aashish stressed the need of bringing like-minded people and community leaders together through various platforms to create a social change. The first speaker for the day, Rahul Nainwal (Founder, Unltd Delhi), shed light upon how poverty alleviation can be strategically looked at from a different perspective. During his session, he said something very thought provoking – “The poor are much more entrepreneurial than us.” He stressed upon the need for Poverty Alleviation Schemes to realize that the person in itself is the asset, and shift in mindset is what can get them out of the pithole called poverty.


Next in the line-up was Sankalp Chhabra (Project Manager – CSR, Snapdeal), who talked about his journey at Snapdeal, and how despite growing so huge in a short span of time, it still operates as a startup in terms of culture. Having independently handled CSR at Snapdeal, he talked about Snapdeal’s initiative for Daan Utsav “Snapdeal Sunshine”, which supports social causes by facilitating product donations. The third speaker for the day was Vartika Nanda (Prison Reforms Activist), who is well-renowned for her book Tinka Tinka Dasna, and the impact it has had on the inmates of Tihar Jail. She talked about how her exceptionally difficult yet rewarding experience at Tihar, and how it is important to take the stigma out attached to people coming out of jail.


The final speaker for the evening was Amit Tuteja (Director, CDF), who talked about his journey towards and onwards as a Social Entrepreneur, and how Connecting Dreams Foundation came about. Laying special emphasis on how the “why” is utmost important, he laid out a variety of instances to bring into light how connecting people, to the solution of their problems can change their lives forever – especially when the solution already exists and is often offered by a community like their own.


The evening, laid out with great sessions and interactions thereafter, ended with a vote of thanks by Aashish and a “MASH Selfie”.


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