Rendezvous – August, 2016: MASH Premier League (MPL) at India Gate, New Delhi

That one day of the month where you take a much-needed break from your daily routine and take a couple of steps back from a crease of bags and slippers. You find yourself bowling right arm over the wicket on a bouncy yet mischievous India Gate pitch. Well, an ideal way to have a team retreat overflowing with fun and memorable moments. It’s been almost 8 months at MASH for me and the tone and enthusiasm with which Rendezvous comes every month seems to be on a continuous rise and the fun per activity ratio touches new horizons with each passing month.

A couple of hours dedicated to what we do best at MASH; enjoy every moment of every activity was exactly what the doctor ordered after the department heads meeting with high-quality dedicated discussions, reviewing our performance in August and contemplating our plans for September. Agreed we may have started the day by taking an exit from the wrong side of the metro station owing to our “not so faad” Arora Ji but the walk through Central Delhi was just worth it.
As we lay down on a wide lawn at the India Gate with a subtle breeze to delight us, it was utterly evident that each one of us was reminiscing the good old school days with India Gate and this nostalgia is what brought the entire team together. A high rise catch game, followed by what we now proudly yet impishly call MASH Premier League gave the day a new meaning.

The fun quotient rose exponentially with each member bringing his own emphatic touch to the game and boy doesn’t Shobha resemble Dhoni holding the bat. Not a crazy remark with greh”shobha” jokes filling most of our rendezvous and her delicious chowmien filling most of our paunch. The team of Vipak (got to bat only once), Aditya ( just knows how to hit a ball ), Abhinav ( still wondering how to hit a ball ), Sagar ( no idea how to bat ) Deepanshu ( The SRCC guy always waiting to hit a ball ) and Ashish ( got most batting opportunities ) were allowed to win two matches back to back ( ahem! ahem! ) against the team of Shobha ( best height to talent ratio since Sachin ), Aashish ( just knows how to hold a bat ), Mridul ( still wondering how to hold a bat ) and me ( held a bat for first time after 4 years as evident ). Apart from high catches, cricket, hit-ball and the most enjoyable (especially by Sagar) Chidiya udi, we got a chance to have those moments of peace where you just lie down and relax. Where you just think of something that has been lingering for a long time in your thoughts but hasn’t really got the space. Where you simply reboot.

A special thanks to our fine organizer. As we were so adamantly pointing out, “aapko ye kaam baht SHOBHA DEY raha hai”. Thanks to all the members who attended the rendezvous and a special heartfelt ‘LOL’ to those who didn’t, Better luck next time guys.

With a great benchmark now set on how to conduct these monthly retreats, everyone is Waiting eagerly for the September rendezvous and the fun Quotient at MASH just keeps on growing. Till then…!

– Akshit Jain
Program Manager
Launchpad | MASH Project


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