Taking India forward with Action for India

Action for India is an NPO that arranges for social innovators in India to enhance their talents and knowledge through networking prospects, conferences and conversations with leading industrialists.

Launched in 2012, AFI is registered under section 25 company of India and is a registered 501(c) 3 Company in The United States. Working at an international level, its headquarters is situated in Bangalore, India and a sub division in Silicon Valley, California. The NPO is inspired and escorted by Sam Pitroda, former advisor to the Prime Minister of India, who addresses vital economic issues with the help of leveraging technology and resources. Their Financial supporters include Deshpande, founder of Deshpande Foundation and adviser to the US President Barack Obama.
AFI is devoted to constructing a strong ecosystem that helps Indian social entrepreneurs deal with their challenges and obstructions.  Under the flagship program they have launched the Vision 2020 Hub project that aims to set up a nation-wide network of 20 social innovation Hubs, by the year 2020. The Hubs provide mentorship, technical assistance, investment advisory as well as partnership support to potential and capable social enterprises.

Technology plays a big role in Action for India. It has a Technology Advisory Council (TAC), which is a group of highly skillful social business entrepreneurs and officials from leading technology business enterprises in India that are interested in teaming up to scale tech­-enabling for ­profit social enterprises. The Council has been created with the motive of supporting AFI’s efforts to encourage the social business sector’s ability to recognize new business ventures. AFI is also a partner with the industry association of Indian IT companies, NASSCOM, to help facilitate the flow of resources and technical knowledge and proficiency.

Standing out from other organizations it works for promoting social business entrepreneurs to achieve great impact by providing them with investors, government agencies, technology etc. To read more click: http://actionforindia.org/


– By Tanvi Garg


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