Sneha – Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action

The strength of a country’s tomorrow lies in the health of the country today.
If you’d read the tab on “The Sneha story” on their website, the first name which will strike is that of Dr. Amida Fernandez. Dr. Amida has spent a lot of time looking after premature and underweight kids. A major reason for these kids to be born this way roots to the health of their mothers themselves. These women with little knowledge about healthy pregnancy, handing their kids with restored health does no good, as there’s always a chance of landing those kids in the same state.

And hence came the idea for Sneha, where they are going out into the slums of Dharavi to educate women on subjects like nutrition, antenatal care, the importance of delivering babies in hospitals, breastfeeding, and immunizations. The team realized that women were information deprived; they have had no access to it in the past. These women, then, not only soaked in all the information they were given but also lost no time in putting that knowledge to practical use.
Over this time, Sneha has grown into over 350 plus member group and has been changing lives of thousands of underprivileged mothers by helping them deliver healthy babies. They have also been working in association with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. They have successfully brought down the cases of maternal mortality and newborn mortality, along with malnutrition and domestic violence.
Over a period of 15 years of their service, their initiatives like Sneha Shakti, Dharavi Biennale along with many other women health, sanitation and legal movements have not only brought their lives into greater light but has also given them a hope that the world can actually be a better place for them they never saw.
MASH Project urges you to help them spread their voice beyond all practical boundaries, for the noble work they’ve been doing. Power to you SNEHA!
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Compiled By-Content team
Researched by-Shreeya Bhutani

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